Turns Out Social Media Is Driving Less And Less Traffic To Media Orgs

As everyone continues to demand that social media companies pay news orgs for the crime of sending them traffic, it’s becoming clear that fewer and fewer people are using social media for news any more, and social media sites simply are not a major driver of traffic to news orgs anyway. The PressGazette has had

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Riot To Cancel Summer Esports Season Over ‘League Of Legends’ Players’ Strike

It’s been a while since we last checked in on the esports industry or discussed any milestones it has reached. For a while there, we were seeing new ground broken on a nearly monthly basis, particularly during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all of that growth, we did mention that it was also

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Reporting Mandates Likely The Reason Behind The FBI’s Sudden Drop-Off In Section 702 Abuses

Earlier this month, we reported (via Charlie Savage of the New York Times) that the FBI had finally delivered its first reduction in Section 702 abuses in the entirety of its access to this particular NSA collection. The upstream collection touches a tremendous amount of foreign communications. It also captures communications from US persons communicating

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AI Will Never Fit Into A Licensing Regime

Yes I’m aware that Nvidia and Adobe have announced they will license training data. I don’t know what those agreements will look like, but I can’t imagine that they make any sense in terms of traditional licensing arrangements. Rather, I’m guessing they just brute forced things to build goodwill among artist communities and perhaps to

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Daily Deal: Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor

Portable, sleek and sophisticated, the Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor is engineered with life in mind. It’s perfect for those who find inspiration wherever they go. The Nix Mini can easily identify any color with a simple scan, ideal for those who work with color, or for those who simply want to bring it into

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Report details ‘zero-click’ iOS exploit that can infect an iPhone via iMessage


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Nintendo Duck Hunt Gun Was Used to Hold Up Convenience Store for $300

A South Carolina man allegedly robbed a convenience store using a fake 1980s Nintendo gun, getting away with $300 in cash. York County deputies reported that 25-year-old David Joseph Dalesandro entered the convenience store at about 5:45 p.m. on Tuesday wearing a mask, wig, and hoodie sweatshirt when police say he…

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watchOS 10 reportedly revamps core apps for the Apple Watch Ultra’s larger display

watchOS 10 could finally fix one of the Apple Watch Ultra’s most annoying issues: too much blank space for a premium device. According to Bloomberg‘s …

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