Hermes Sahaf Bookstore In Turkey Defeats Luxury Retailer’s Trademark Lawsuit

Earlier this year, I brought to you an absolute bonkers trademark lawsuit filed in Turkey by Hermes, the luxury brand, against Hermes Sahaf, an itty bitty bookstore. There was never a reason to file this lawsuit, but it’s an especially bad PR look for a massive company like Hermes to be going after an independent

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9to5Rewards: MacBook Pro giveaway + Chargeasap Connect Pro 100W cable [Giveaway]

This month we’ve partnered with our friends at Chargeasap to give away Apple’s latest MacBook Pro to one lucky reader to celebrate the launch of the company’s new Connect Pro 100W magnetic USB charging cables. You can head below now to enter the giveaway and check out the new ConnectPro by Chargeasap.


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