WNDR-ful for downtown Seattle: Inside the new immersive museum that blends art and tech

If you’ve been wondering what it will take to entice more people to visit downtown Seattle, it might just be WNDR. The new high-tech art museum opened Wednesday along the Seattle waterfront and GeekWire stepped inside to witness an immersive, multi-sensory experience showcasing a mix of video, audio, interactive and AI-generated artwork. WNDR (as in “wonder”) is a 5-year-old Chicago-based collective of creators working at the intersection of tech and art. Along with that city and San Diego, Seattle is the organization’s third permanent location. Another is set to open in Boston. At the corner of Alaskan Way and Marion… Read More

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Apple further cracks down on remote work by ‘tracking employee attendance’ via badges

Apple is further cracking down on its in-person work requirements. According to Platformer’s Zoë Schiffer, Apple is closely monitoring attendance via badge records to ensure employees are coming to the office at least three times per week.


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Marvel So Angry About Leaked ‘Ant-Man’ Dialogue That It Seeks To Unmask Google, Reddit Users

It won’t surprise any regular read here when I say that Marvel is notoriously aggressive on matters of intellectual property. Equally unsurprising will be my reminding our dear readers that this includes the company attempting to use IP laws in the past to un-ring the leak-bell when content has been leaked early. Hell, Marvel gets

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