Day: December 6, 2022

American Battery Factory’s first ‘gigafactory’ inches toward reality

American Battery Factory’s big plan to build a bunch of, erm, American battery factories got a jolt Tuesday when Tucson, Arizona, gave the company the go-ahead to locate its first plant near the city’s airport. Over the course of a decade, ABF says it will pump around $1.2 billion into the facility, claiming it will be

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The Apple Car project has hit some roadblocks

Aerial of Apple Park in cupertino california

Apple has learned that building an autonomous vehicle is hard, even if you’re one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple is scaling back the design of its first self-driving car and even delaying the launch. The latest intel said it would be released in 2025, but now the vehicle will reportedly be delayed until 2026.

Apple has been working on its secretive AV project, dubbed “Titan” for years. In 2021, details emerged about the vehicle’s design not having a steering wheel or pedals, making it really, really autonomous as compared to other AVs like those made by Tesla. But now it seems Apple has been humbled by technological constraints.

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Devin Nunes Gets Small, Most Likely Temporary, Victory Against MSNBC, While Also Suing CNN Again

You might have seen some headlines recently suggesting that former congressional representative and current flailing social media CEO (and serial suer of the media) Devin Nunes had some sort of legal victory over Rachel Maddow and MSNBC. And he did get a very, very small victory while piling up more losses at the same time.

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Meta Oversight Board Says Facebook and Instagram Skirt Moderation Rules for Famous People

On Tuesday, Meta’s Oversight Board dropped a more than-50 page report detailing how the company needs to overhaul its systems that have allowed major influencers and celebrities leeway to post disingenuous or harmful content that would otherwise be moderated.

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