Day: December 12, 2022

Amazon adds another $150M for affordable housing in Seattle area

Amazon will provide $150 million to build and preserve 1,700 units of affordable housing in Seattle and neighboring cities. The new funding, announced Monday at a press conference with Seattle Mayor Bruce Harrell, will go to 10 nonprofit organizations to pay for low-rate loans and grants. It’s part of the company’s $2 billion Amazon Housing Equity Fund to support the increase in affordable homes in the regions of Seattle, Nashville, Tenn., and Arlington, Va. Amazon’s total contribution to the initiative is now more than $500 million for the Seattle area. The region has struggled to shelter thousands of unhoused residents… Read More

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Twitch Streamer Hasan Suspended From Twitch After Bullshit Copyright Strike From Rightwing Organization

It’s beginning to get quite comical watching various rightwing folks and groups bang on constantly about how pro-free-speech they are, often talking about situations that have nothing to do with free speech, only to engage in anti-speech behavior themselves. The new owner of a mountain of debt that is called Twitter has become something of

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The old brick ballpark: LEGO fanatic has a hit on his hands with Seattle Mariners stadium build

The Seattle Mariners have been busy assembling the building blocks for a potential run to the World Series. Shane Deegan has been assembling them as part of a major LEGO recreation of the team’s home ballpark. Deegan, of Mukilteo, Wash., has completed a 60-hour brick-by-brick LEGO build of T-Mobile Park, complete with a rolling retractable roof, centerfield scoreboard, lights, banners hanging from the rafters and much more detail. A longtime LEGO fanatic who played with the popular toy as a kid, Deegan got back into assembling when his daughter was around 4 years old. She’s almost 7 now, and the… Read More

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9to5Mac Daily: December 12, 2022 – New MacBook and iPad Pro rumors

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The Contagion and Collapse of the Crypto Bull Market (GBTC, SBF, FTX, Alameda, and more)

Hedge Funds started using GBTC as a way to arbitrage trade and make a profit. They used leverage to make a larger profit, which worked when GBTC was at a premium. But when it was priced at a discount, everything started to fall apart. This affected 3AC, Terra Luna, FTX, Alameda, and many more, causing the collapse of the Crypto bull market.

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Blockchain as the Ultimate Truth Machine for GPT-based AI (ChatGPT)

There’s no doubt that AI will change the world. With ChatGPT, it showed the public just how this technology could change their livelihoods overnight. Ensuring the integrity of the AI is the next step. Verifying the data that comes to it, who developed it, and its exact motives/goals will be crucial in keeping the ethical standards, and in turn, public confidence in such models. It’s really starting to feel like web3 now!

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