Day: December 21, 2022

Tech Moves: Meta exec joins AI startup, Lyell Immunopharma hires new CEO; and more

— Claudiu Bulai is now chief innovation officer at Bellevue, Wash.-based startup Quantarium. Bulai previously spent five years at Meta, most recently leading engineering for the tech giant’s Reality Labs Research, the group behind Meta’s augmented and virtual reality initiatives. The group is central to the company’s vision of building a “metaverse.” Bulai’s was previously also development engineering manager for telecommunications company Viavi Solutions and a design engineering manager at Micro Power Electronics (now Electrochem Solutions). Quantarium applies AI models to residential real estate analytics, including property valuations. — Lyell Immunopharma has a new CEO and president: Lynn Seely, a… Read More

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Pixelmator Pro update adds new ‘Deband’ feature to remove color banding from photos

The popular image editor for macOS Pixelmator Pro was updated on Wednesday with a very useful new feature. Named “Deband,” this feature removes the effect known as “color banding” from photos using machine learning, which should make images look even more beautiful and natural.


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New York’s New Warehouse Worker Law Sets It Sights on Amazon’s Dystopian ‘Time Off Task’ Productivity Metric

Amazon warehouse workers in New York may finally have some legal reprieve from the company’s alleged soul crushing AI-assisted productive quotas. Those quotas were partly responsible for harrowing accounts of Amazon workers last year admitting they felt pressured to pee in bottles to avoid performance penalties.

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Finally! An Interesting Twitter Files That Appears To Reveal Sketchy Government Behavior

We finally have an interesting edition of the Twitter files! When the Twitter Files began, I actually expected something interesting to come out of them. All of the big tech companies have been unfortunately unwilling to be as transparent as they could be about how their content moderation practices work. Much of the transparency we’ve

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