Day: December 23, 2022

IRS delays implementation of tax policy change being fought by marketplace companies

The Internal Revenue Service is delaying by one year the implementation of a tax policy change that was being fought by online marketplace companies and payment platforms. The change was due to go into effect in the upcoming tax-filing season and was sparking fears of mass confusion among casual online sellers and a potential avalanche of new tax reporting paperwork. The revision to the tax code was included in President Biden’s American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Previously, users of such sites as eBay, Etsy, PayPal, Venmo and others received a 1099-K tax reporting form for goods and services sold only… Read More

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Streamlining the Kubernetes workload to speed new drug discovery
Kubernetes has revolutionized cloud computing, but it can also chew up a lot of time for developers. The process often involves building a container image, deploying an EC2 instance, allocating memory, placing the app in a virtual machine, and running the instance against the app. Then it comes time to pay for it all. This

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9to5Mac Happy Hour 413: iPhone app sideloading, new Mac Pro rumors, iPhone SE 4 cancelled

Benjamin and Zac dive into the reports that Apple is preparing to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act, with alternative app stores and sideloading becoming a possibility on the iPhone for the first time. Also, there’s rumors that Apple has cancelled plans to release an iPhone SE 4 next year, and we have more clarity on the final specs for the upcoming Apple Silicon Mac Pro.

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