Day: December 25, 2022

Sunrise on the Moon

As we saw it first it was the wildest and most desolate of scenes. We were in an enormous amphitheatre, a vast circular plain, the floor of the giant crater. Its cliff-like walls closed us in on every side. From the westward the light of the unseen sun fell upon them, reaching to the very foot of the cliff, and showed a disordered escarpment of drab and greyish rock, lined here and there with banks and crevices of snow. This was perhaps a dozen miles away, but at first no intervening atmosphere diminished in the slightest the minutely detailed brilliancy with which these things glared at us. They stood out clear and dazzling against a background of starry blackness that seemed to our earthly eyes rather a gloriously spangled velvet curtain than the spaciousness of the sky.

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Mr Cavor’s Moon Landing

I remember how one-day Cavor suddenly opened six of our shutters and blinded me so that I cried aloud at him. The whole area was moon, a stupendous scimitar of white dawn with its edge hacked out by notches of darkness, the crescent shore of an ebbing tide of darkness, out of which peaks and pinnacles came glittering into the blaze of the sun. I take it the reader has seen pictures or photographs of the moon and that I need not describe the broader features of that landscape, those spacious ring-like ranges vaster than any terrestrial mountains, their summits shining in the day, their shadows harsh and deep, the grey disordered plains, the ridges, hills, and craterlets, all passing at last from a blazing illumination into a common mystery of black.

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We Will Float in This Sphere with No Occupation

“Go on,” said Cavor, as I sat across the edge of the manhole, and looked down into the black interior of the sphere. We two were alone. It was evening, the sun had set, and the stillness of the twilight was upon everything.
I drew my other leg inside and slid down the smooth glass to the bottom of the sphere, then turned to take the cans of food and other impedimenta from Cavor. The interior was warm, the thermometer stood at eighty, and as we should lose little or none of this by radiation, we were dressed in shoes and thin flannels. We had, however, a bundle of thick woollen clothing and several thick blankets to guard against mischance.

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The Secret Behind Mr. Brisher’s Treasure

“And that’s ‘ow I come on the treasure.”
“What treasure?” I asked.
“Why!” said Mr. Brisher, “the treasure I’m telling you about, what’s the reason why I never married.”
“What!—a treasure—dug up?”
“Yes—buried wealth—treasure trove. Come out of the ground. What I kept on saying—regular treasure….” He looked at me with unusual disrespect.
“It wasn’t more than a foot deep, not the top of it,” he said. “I’d ‘ardly got thirsty like, before I come on the corner.”
“Go on,” I said. “I didn’t understand.”
“Why! Directly I ‘it the box I knew it was treasure. A sort of instinct told me. Something seemed to shout inside of me—’Now’s your chance—lie low.’ It’s lucky I knew the laws of treasure trove or I’d ‘ave been shoutin’ there and then. I daresay you know—”

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If Humans Could Talk

If we could talk, I would have introduced myself the first time we met through the glass pane of that pet shop. You kept tapping on the glass, like you wanted to shake my paw or something. I was a little annoyed because you could see that I was sleeping and you kept tapping anyway. I didn’t know humans could change their fur so easily. Throughout our time together, yours changed almost every day.

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Samsung Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra have their signature colors leaked

Samsung is rumored to announce the Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra at an event on February 1. As we get closer to that date, more and more details about the devices are starting to…

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Twitter Blue subscribers now get prioritized rankings in conversations

The new Twitter Blue subscription service is constantly adding new features, and the latest ones have already been promised in the past. We’re talking about Twitter Blue subscribers’ tweets being prioritized in conversations, and allowing…

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