Day: December 29, 2022

As supply chain issues improve in China, Apple faces sales slump with some iPhone models
Supply chain issues facing Apple Inc. from ongoing COVID-related disruption in China may have passed their worst point just as the company is now facing a new issue: a sales slump in lower-end models. Apple’s issues in mainland China date back to the earliest days of COVID-19 but became much more serious when protests emerged

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New York signs weakened digital right-to-repair bill into law
New York has become the first U.S. state to sign into law a digital right to repair bill, putting a substantial measure of power back into the hands of consumers. Instead of paying for costly repairs, consumers will now be able to buy replacement parts for broken devices and fix them by themselves. The Digital Fair

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Video converter HandBrake updated with support for AV1 and VP9 10-bit video encoding, more

The popular video converter utility HandBrake has been updated this week with some major improvements. This includes support for encoding videos using the AV1 and VP9 10-bit codecs, plus many other new features and optimizations. Read on as we detail everything that’s new in HandBrake 1.6.


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AI goes mainstream, but return on investment remains elusive
A decade of big data investments, combined with cloud scalability, the rise of more cost effective processing and the introduction of advanced tooling, has catapulted machine intelligence to the forefront of technology investments. No matter what job you have, your operation will be AI powered within five years and machines may be doing your job

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Steam Deck Too Slow? Try the DIY “Cyberdeck”

SerMumble / Reddit There are many clones of the Steam Deck, the handheld console that’s taking the gaming scene by storm. But what’s fun about that? The true nature of PC gaming is to build your own machine. And someone just took that philosophy to heart and made a DIY gaming handheld that can run

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