Day: January 1, 2023

Actual Play Alums Form New TTRPG Podcast Worlds Beyond Number

The tabletop roleplaying space has plenty of Actual Play series to grab the attention of fans of the medium, and Dimension 20 is one of the larger series out there. Through over a dozen seasons, the Dropout series has allowed a fairly rotating roster of cast members to stretch their chops in the space and dip into…

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Sherlock Holmes Enters the Public Domain for the Last Time

Hethers/ Copyright law isn’t so elementary, my dear Watson. But, in 2023, it gets a lot easier for Sherlock Holmes. On New Year’s Day, Arthur Conan Doyle’s final original work featuring the legendary character, The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, enters the public domain. This copyright expiration puts a long-running legal debate to rest. For years,

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Funniest/Most Insightful Comments Of 2022 At Techdirt

Happy new year, everyone! 2022 has ended, and that means it’s time for a look at the funniest and most insightful comments of the year at Techdirt. As usual, we’ll be honoring the top three winners in both categories, as well as taking a rare look at the list of comments that performed best when

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Got a new iPhone? Here’s a suggested way to organize your iPhone apps

There are probably almost as many ways to organize your iPhone apps as there are iPhone users, and most of us have probably experimented with a bunch of them. But more than eight years later, I’m still using a method I first tried back in 2013 (that screen size! those icons!).

Instead of organizing my apps by what they do, I organize them by where I am when I use them ….


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How Much Does It Cost to Charge Your Smartphone for a Year?

LL_Studio/ Smartphones are very energy efficient. It costs less than one dollar to completely charge a smartphone battery every day for a whole year. This is true for iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, and other Android phones. Most of us charge our phones without a second thought because they’re such an indispensable part of modern life.

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