Day: March 10, 2023

Low Orbit Satellite Systems Like Starlink Continue To Harm Scientific Research

Scientists say that low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellations like Starlink continue to pose a dire threat to astronomy and scientific research, and that too little is being done to address the issue. Last fall, scientists declared satellite constellations an “existential threat for astronomy.” In short, the reflection and light pollution (Musk claimed would never happen in

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Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse is an ‘absolute meltdown’ of unparalleled scale for many in tech

What was previously a point of pride on Silicon Valley Bank’s website now reads like a warning sign: nearly half of U.S. venture-backed technology and life sciences companies bank with the financial institution. Financial regulators on Friday morning shut down Silicon Valley Bank and put it in the hands of the FDIC, a jaw-dropping move that has created a crisis for many startup leaders and their financial backers. Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Silicon Valley Bank has long been a key player in the Seattle region. GeekWire’s reporting suggests that the percentage of tech startups in the area that used… Read More

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Dell expands its Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab program, adds new participating partners
The telecom industry is moving into the cloud-native world, and Dell Technologies Inc. recently unveiled two initiatives to make that process easier. The company announced an expansion of its Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab, located in Round Rock, Texas, to include enhanced partner self-certification capabilities. Dell will also open another telecom lab facility in Cork, Ireland.

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Developer creates emulator that can play old iPhone games on a computer

When the App Store was announced in 2008, it opened the door for many developers to bring games to the iPhone and the iPod touch. Apple’s devices became known for having popular mobile games like Super Monkey Ball, Flight Control, and Angry Birds. Over time, some of these games were discontinued and never again received updates to run on more modern devices. But one developer created a way to emulate them on a computer.


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R-Ladies aims to bridge data science gender gap, says Microsoft cloud advocate
With data becoming the lifeblood of enterprises, fundamental roles like data science have sprung up to get the best out data. But the gender gap in data science is still a problem, even in 2023. R-Ladies was formed in 2012 to motivate more women to join the data science space and promote gender diversity in

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How to Simplify Data Access Using EF

The repository architectural pattern is frequently employed in software development to segregate an application’s business logic from the data access layer. The Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool Entity Framework for .NET applications offers a simple method for interacting with databases. The article demonstrates how to use the Entity Framework to construct a repository pattern.

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