Day: March 17, 2023

Insecuring Your Home And Data: Ring Vendor Apparently Hit With Ransomware Attack

Ring offers security products. Shame they’re not all that secure. Sure, things have improved in recent years, but there was nowhere to go but up. In December 2019, multiple reports surfaced of Ring cameras — most of them inside people’s houses — being hijacked by malicious idiots who used the commandeered cameras to yell nasty

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Best Projectors of 2023
Best Projectors 2023

Projectors Featured Projectors have become an increasingly popular option for those seeking to enhance their home entertainment experience or improve their professional presentations. With a wide variety of options on the market, each with its unique features and capabilities, it can be challenging to determine which projector is the best fit for your needs. In

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Feckless Axios Fired A Reporter For Correctly Identifying DeSantis Propaganda

Mainstream political news outlets like Axios have long been accused of “both sides” or “view from nowhere” journalism where they bend over backward to frame everything through a lens of illusory objectivity as to not offend. This distortion is then routinely exploited by authoritarians and corporations keen on normalizing bigotry, rank corruption, or even the

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Yes, Section 230 Should Protect ChatGPT And Other Generative AI Tools

Question Presented: Does Section 230 Protect Generative AI Products Like ChatGPT? As the buzz around Section 230 and its application to algorithms intensifies in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s response, ‘generative AI’ has soared in popularity among users and developers, begging the question: does Section 230 protect generative AI products like ChatGPT? Matt Perault, a

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Daily Deal: Project Management Institute Training Bundle

Project Management Institute Training Bundle has 2 courses to help you become a project management expert. The first course focuses on the basic principles and the lifecycle of project management. You’ll learn about group interactions, managing cost factors, managing risk factors, and more. The second course focuses on Agile project management. It’s on sale for

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