Month: April 2023

Arm files paperwork for what will likely be the biggest public offering this year
Chip designer Arm Ltd. has filed its paperwork to go public, setting the scene for what is likely to be the biggest initial public offering this year. The company made the announcement on Saturday, saying in a press release that it had confidentially submitted a draft registration statement on Form F-1 to the U.S. Securities

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Sisu is like if John Wick was set during WWII, with ten times the gore of Inglorious Basterds

Who knew a World War II film from Finland could out-Tarantino 2009’s Inglorious Basterds and turn one pretty basic idea — killing as many Nazis …

The post Sisu is like if John Wick was set during WWII, with ten times the gore of Inglorious Basterds appeared first on BGR.

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Meet Visa, Mayfield, DuploCloud and more at Disrupt

TechCrunch Disrupt 2023 takes place on September 19–21 in San Francisco and — if you don’t already know — it’s the startup world’s big tent. It draws founders, investors, CEOs, tech professionals, scientists, policy makers, researchers and entrepreneurs. It’s where you’ll find inspiration, gain knowledge, forge new relationships and discover tools to help you build

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8 Bizarre Lessons from 8 Years of Branding

The word ‘brand’ is used to describe what we use to show ownership of our property. Brand is a gift that keeps giving us the gift of giving. People want to build a brand out of everything possible, from personalities to dog personalities. But if you try to build your brand and influence by taking people’s worldviews head-on, you will likely fail terribly.

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How DAOs are Transforming Social Coordination and Governance

decentralized autonomous organizations have become one of the most powerful and widespread applications of distributed ledger technologies. They are vehicles for the dissemination of power and the coordination of a distributed group of people around a common interest. DAOs can be seen as modern-day business structures in cyberspace (the internet)

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