Month: July 2023

iOS 17 Public Beta 2 is out now


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Unsurprisingly, Pornhub Blocks Arkansas IP Addresses

It has been a busy day for Arkansas. geo-blocked IP addresses in Arkansas in the latest protest against unworkable age verification laws. Arkansas is the fifth state to have an age-gating statute enter force and is the fourth to be geo-blocked by the parent company of Pornhub, the Montréal-based firm MindGeek owned by Ethical Capital

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Google Assistant reportedly pivoting to generative AI

When Google had its unpleasant realization that it had been complacently spinning its wheels on a form of fake AI for a decade, chances are it started realigning itself that day. And it sounds like Assistant itself is now getting a generative face-lift, according to an internal email reported by Axios. The email says that

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