Day: September 6, 2023

Move Over, Software Developers – In The Name Of Cybersecurity, The Government Wants To Drive

Earlier this year the White House put out a document articulating a National Cybersecurity Strategy. It articulates five “pillars,” or high-level focus areas where the government should concentrate its efforts to strengthen the nation’s resilience and defense against cyberattacks: (1) Defend Critical Infrastructure, (2) Disrupt and Dismantle Threat Actors, (3) Shape Market Forces to Drive

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FSU receivers sport in-game Apple Watches, and here’s what the NCAA rules say about it

As we enter another year of college football, Florida State dominated LSU over the weekend with a 21-point victory. As it turns out, the Apple Watch may have played a role in that victory as two of FSU’s wide receivers were spotted wearing Apple’s device during the game.


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Hyperspectral startup Wyvern signs on to fly with Loft Orbital next year

Hyperspectral imagery startup Wyvern has booked space on a Loft Orbital satellite bus that will launch next year, a move that the company says will boost the capacity of its Dragonette satellite constellation. Wyvern, which graduated from Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort, has launched two hyperspectral imagery satellites since it was founded in 2018. But

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Chinese Government Officials Banned From Using iPhones at Work

Central Chinese government officials are banned from using iPhones in the workplace, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday. People familiar with the matter told the outlet that employees were notified of the ban in chat groups or meetings, and are prohibited from bringing iPhones or other foreign devices into…

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