Day: September 15, 2023

Arm’s IPO rockets, gen AI explodes computing and Salesforce spotlights the AI trust gap
With so many events and big news this week, I wish I could have cloned myself, but instead I shuttled between events in San Francisco and Silicon Valley and tried to keep up with all the news on my phone. The headline stories: Arm finally went public and its stock rocketed, auguring well for more

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Samsung May Have Leaked Its Upcoming Galaxy Ring in Its Wearables App

Samsung may have given away its “one more thing” too soon. Korean Samsung users found icons depicting what looks like a ring you’d wear on your finger in the Galaxy Wearable app this week. The discovery since sparked discussions about whether this means the Samsung Galaxy Ring will debut next year. I hope they do…

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Internet Archive Kicks Off Its Appeal Over Publishers Attempt To Kill The Site

Back in March we were greatly dismayed by the the ruling in Hachette v. the Internet Archive over the legality of “controlled digital lending” and the Archive’s “Open Library.” It seemed clear that Judge John Koeltl did not understand some of the fundamentals of fair use (it also appeared that he went into their oral

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