The Top 10 TikTok Vids You Couldn’t Stop Watching This Year

The Top 10 TikTok Vids You Couldn’t Stop Watching This Year

The Chipmunks of TikTok account follows the trials and tribulations of Dinky, Squishy, Mooshy, SpongeBob, Boris, Bubba, Stinky and friends. There is nothing cuter than seeing these tiny animals stuff their cheeks full of nuts, an instant serotonin hit.

This is definitely one of my favorite moments on the internet this year. Rosalía became a viral meme for a clip showing the Spanish pop-star chewing gum onstage while performing her song Bizcochito.

The singer leaned into her viral potential, turning it into a TikTok that racked up 17 million likes. Until today, the first few seconds of the song Bizcochito just trigger something in me and I instantly start chewing a phantom gum.

The cast of the popular teen drama Riverdale took on the trending dance to the “Jiggle Jiggle” TikTok sound. The trio sported a deadpan look in the video, prompting some commentators to ask if they were being held hostage by the show’s creators.

“Someone please release these women from the shackles of the Riverdale contract,” one comment read, while another suggested, “Get them out of Riverdale and do a Powerpuff Girl reboot.”

There are a lot of adorable kids on TikTok, but perhaps none stood out as much as this young icon, a true legend.

This toddler aggressively reasserts her status as a so-called “baby,” and shows that she’s not backing down.

This year, people had a newfound appreciation for corn as a result of a little boy’s fascination with the starchy vegetable. Tariq’s legendary interview with the Doing Things host quickly went viral, and was turned into an adorable song idolizing corn.

Lizzo had enough of watching people dance to her song offbeat, and so she decided to make a video to teach the children.

The one minute clip is filled with equal parts dance moves and rage, and honestly that’s the only way I want to learn choreography from now on.

This teacher had his class in anticipation as he went through a series of playful clues to build up revealing the musical for the year. It turned out to be the “Addams Family,” as revealed in part four of this series.

TikTok is not all funny babies and simple choreography, some content tries to showcase the best of humanity as well. This video followed Jimmy Darts’ journey with a man named Tom who was homeless and looking for work.

“I wanted to help Tom but realized he needed a friend first,” Darts wrote. The video then follows the pair as they go on rollercoaster rides, play baseball, and go to the dentist. Darts was also able to raise $20,000 for Tom, who was no longer homeless and had been offered a full time job.

This video is probably the coolest demonstration of natural forces at work, showing a drop of lava being poured over a cube of ice. Surprisingly, the ice prevailed, leaving the lava looking limp by its side.

What’s actually happening is that the temperature of the lava is so high, that the ice instantly turns to vapor rather than water. As the steam escapes from the ice cube, it essentially boils the lava on top.