Belkin’s latest USB-C hub mounts to the back of your M1 iMac with a detachable design

Belkin’s latest USB-C hub mounts to the back of your M1 iMac with a detachable design

Belkin has recently lanuched a new USB-C hub that looks to be just as compelling of a solution for M1 iMacs as it is for taking with you in the everyday carry. The new Multiport Hub with Mount may look like a typical way to extend I/O, but features a novel design that can be attached to the back of your desktop machine and then unclamped for use on-the-go.

Belkin USB-C hub sports a detachable design for iMacs and MacBooks

Since Apple launched the latest iteration of iMac last year with M1 under the hood, we’ve seen plenty of accessory makes release their own takes on what a companion USB-C hub can look like. Anker, Satechi, and Hyper’s models all mostly draw inspiration from a similar starting point, and Belkin’s new release does, too, but where this newer offering comes into play is that it’s not limited just to desktop use.

The white plastic design features a built-in USB-C cable for connecting to the host device and is largely no different than your typical alternative out there, but flip the unit over to the back, and you’ll find a detachable mount that attaches to your machine with a 3M adhesive. There’s a button on the bottom for actually removing the dock from your device and then throwing in your bag, so things will stay locked in place when adjusting your workstation.

Belkin USB-C Hub

Form-factor aside, the new Belkin USB-C hub delivers a pretty expansive feature set for the design. Everything is based around a 10Gb/s connection to your machine, allowing you to take full advantage of all six ports. Headlining is a USB-C slot to regain the single port that your machine will be using to connect with the hub, and then there’s also dual USB-A slots and a pair of SD card readers. And most notably for M1 iMac users who didn’t splurge on the upgraded 8-core model, there’s an Ethernet port built into the package, too.

Now available for purchase, the new Belkin USB-C hub arrives with a $69.99 price point – that more flexible design is largely to account for the higher price tag, as well as the 10Gb/s speeds that we don’t see quite as often from USB-C hubs. That being said, options from Anker, Satechi, and Hyper are all a bit more affordable if you don’t mind having a solution geared specifically for desktop use.

9to5Toys’ Take

Belkin’s dock may be a bit pricier than other options out there, but I am largely a big fan of how the company is mixing things up. I know that you could theoretically buy a more affordable USB-C hub than Belkin’s and then slap a piece of Velcro to your machine and the dock for a similar effect. But having everything in a more sleek package will almost certainly be worth the cash for anyone who wants to use their USB-C hub at the desk and while out and about.

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