Reddit announces new Developer Platform with resources for third-party extensions

Reddit announces new Developer Platform with resources for third-party extensions

Reddit on Friday announced its new Developer Platform in which the social network will provide resources for the developer community that creates extensions and apps that run specifically on Reddit. This platform, which will be available soon, comes as a way to encourage more people to contribute to the social network.

In a blog post, Reddit acknowledges that there are several developers interested in creating their own tools to make Reddit better. For example, u/tweet_poster is a tool that detects Twitter links and comments with tweet content, while u/RemindMeBot sends a direct message to remind you about a particular event.

According to Reddit, the new Developer Platform will empower developers whose contributions will support “millions of users and over 100,000 active communities” on the social network.

Currently, developers working on tools for Reddit rely on limited resources and virtually no support. With the Reddit Developer Platform, third-party developers will find improved support and more flexibility to build Reddit extensions. “We are excited to work with our community to build apps that improve the Reddit experience and ensure those extensions are discoverable and trustworthy,” says the company.

Last month, Reddit also announced a major update to its comments section, which now has built-in integration with GIPHY. More recently, the social network also unveiled new blockchain-backed avatars and updates to Reddit’s search system.

As for the new Developer Platform, Reddit says that interested developers can now sign up for a waiting list to join the beta program. You can learn more about it on the Reddit website.

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