YouTube Music begins its slow ‘Summer Recap ’22’ rollout a month early

YouTube Music begins its slow ‘Summer Recap ’22’ rollout a month early

What you need to know

  • YouTube Music has started slowly rolling out its Summer Recap to users.
  • Much like the Spring edition, the Summer Recap shows top artists, songs (total minutes spent listening for it), albums, playlists, and genres.
  • Google seems to be keeping the trend of bringing seasonal music recaps to the platform.

YouTube Music has started slowly rolling out its Summer Recap ’22 to some users.

We’re not quite done with Summer yet, and YouTube Music is making sure you’re jamming to its conclusion. As such, YouTube Music is already rolling out its Summer Recap. The appearance of the “Summer Recap ’22” card is not as widespread as we’d expect it to be just yet. A Reddit thread shows snapshots of a user’s Summer recap appearing.

The Summer Recap has also started appearing on some of our YouTube Music accounts here at Android Central. The recap shows top artists, songs (including total minutes spent listening to the top track), albums, playlists, and genres. It looks like YouTube Music has kept the same formula it once used for its Spring Recap earlier this year and can be accessed when navigating to your YouTube Music account menu (hit the thumbnail in the top right corner).

The recap also includes a “2022 so far” at the bottom of its splash page. This row is full of playlists created by YouTube Music, such as “RELEASED Recap,” “The Hit List,” and others from various genres.

According to 9to5Google, YouTube Music was already teasing the coming Summer Recap in an earlier email to premium users recently, although an official blog post has not yet appeared to mark the arrival of the new recap. While some users are already seeing their recap show, it looks like it’ll probably take a few more days before everyone receives it. If you’re not seeing the Summer Recap on the app’s main page, you can try to find it by tapping your account thumbnail and navigating to “Your Recap.”

If you remember YouTube Music’s “Spring Recap ’22,” it bore similarities to the likes of a couple of other best music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music. Each metric available within the previous Spring Recap had a download button so you could retrieve an image and share it with family and friends. We’re also seeing that return for this Summer edition.

The Spring Recap for YouTube Music was the beginning of a new trend for Google going forward. The company’s 2021 recap was well received and showed interest in continuing the trend of providing more seasonal recaps. We’ve seen that back in Spring and continuing now into the later half of the Summer.