Day: December 19, 2022

Kindle Scribe: Amazon says copy/paste, notebook organization, and other tools are ‘coming soon’

Amazon has quietly updated its Kindle Scribe product page with a glimmer of hope for anyone disappointed by some of the device’s initial shortcomings. Under the category of “Coming Soon,” a new paragraph on the product page says a future software update will add more writing tools, including additional brush types, copy/paste functionality, and new options for organizing notebooks. The features are due in “the coming months” as part of a series of regular, free updates. Kindle Scribe, released Nov. 30, is Amazon’s first e-reader that doubles as a digital notebook, including the ability to take free-form notes on blank… Read More

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Twitter bans promotion links to rival services as Musk polls users on his position as CEO
Twitter Inc. has banned promotional links to rival social networks as Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has decided to run a poll on whether he should remain in his position as the head of the microblogging service. The new “promotion of alternative social networks policy” bans the free promotion of specific social media platforms on

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The History of JSON and the People That Created It

Douglas Crockford and Chip Morngingstar created the data exchange format that is now known as JSON. The two worked at Lucasfilm and Electric Communities before starting State Software in 2002. They created E, a programming language that relies on sending messages to execute programs. The language has been pushed back over the years by its complexity.

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