Conspiracy Channel OAN Tries To Survive Using Over The Air Antennas

When last we checked in with One America News (OAN), it was trying (with the help of numerous Republican AGs) to pretend that DirecTV’s decision to boot the barely watched conspiracy network from its cable lineup was part of a vast, diabolical cabal to censor conservatives (it wasn’t). It then decided to attack Verizon, right before that

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10 Tips B2B SaaS Companies Can’t Ignore in Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing strategy is the most important thing for any B2B SaaS company that wants to succeed in the digital world. Here are ten things you shouldn’t miss out on: Create case studies, repurpose your content and create interactive content. Interactive content is a great way to get the audience involved in your brand or product. Helpful content is the type of content that answers common questions and solves problems. Repurpose content is an excellent way to optimize your time and keep your efforts focused on creating high-quality content for customers.

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What Is Stopping Institutions From Taking the Path to Liquid Staking

One of the biggest innovations in the crypto space is staking. While the yields in DeFi are impressive, staking offers a level of certainty that DeFi doesn’t have. Despite the advantages, certain institutions are still against it. Liquid staking essentially brings the derivative market to crypto, allowing institutions more flexibility to use their assets without having them locked up. The argument of many institutions is that staking is merely a way to lock up enormous amounts of capital without commensurate returns. But that’s not the only reason why executives like Coinabase fear institutional staking might not be a thing for a while yet.

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The Benefits of SOC Reports for Cybersecurity

SOC reports can help validate current cybersecurity efforts or reveal necessary improvements. SOC reports clarify cybersecurity by providing a common security language between businesses and industries; by supplementing other audits; and by providing information to investors and management. Business benefits include reduced costs, improved communication, and better resource allocation for risk management.

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Verizon adds 5G Home and LTE plans to its free internet program through FCC’s ACP

Back in March, Verizon announced support for the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) with its Fios home internet. That made it free for those eligible. Now the company’s 5G Home and LTE plans are joining the ACP offering under the new Verizon Forward Program.


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A Shapeshifter Under the Hoodie: The Face of Modern Cybercrime

Hackers are no longer an obscured figure of cybercrime: it shapeshifts into people you trust. Cybercrime is no longer the face of a hacker, it’s a person around you. Cybercriminals scrape the social media profiles of your contacts and use the personal information people make publicly available. The more they know about them, the better they can deceive you. Hackers were not criminals in the 1960s, but the term hacker had an intellectual overtone. The first demonstration of a computer virus was taken in the 1970s computer virus.

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How to Tackle Developer Burnout

Burnout affects 83% of developers. We discuss this in-depth and conclude with four actions you can take to address developer burnout in the workplace:
1: Check to see if your company has an EAP program, if not, ask why
2: Stimulate a burnout dialogue with your teammates
3: Log in to Adadot to see your well-being data and make a plan for improvement4: Reflect on whether you have enough autonomy at work. If not, flag this.

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